Literal Friday Fun

Ahhhh, xkcd, how I love thee.
True, I still don’t understand all your creations. (Like this one from last week.) But your definition of hell was inspired.

I literally laughed out loud when I read today’s and then wondered if there was a chance I might turn into the crazy bearded pedant one day. (Admittedly, the beard’s unlikely.) Perhaps I should therefore stop my missions to ensure apostrophes are used correctly; that the correct definition of ‘irony’ is used [i.e. that Alanis Morissette was wrong]; and that ‘can’ and ‘may’ are not interchangeable…

Today I am figuratively hopping mad that I have to work all weekend when the weather is meant to be gorgeous. Instead of basking in the sun’s rays, I will be stuck inside a committee room pressing buttons for powerpoint presentations for 48 hours. Fun times. Chances of it still being nice when I’m finally off work on Tuesday? Nil.

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