How to felt – and countless other tutorials

I have a blogging friend (in this case, an actual friend who later began blogging, rather than a ‘virtual’ friend, or worse – someone I stalk via their blog), known as Mrs Wibblyfish, with whom I like to do crafty things. She introduced me to the concept of giveaway days and I introduced her to Homemade By Jill.

Not as often as we’d like, we meet up to craft – because that’s the kind of wholesome individuals we are. This weekend was one such opportunity, made all the better by her parents appearing for a couple of hours, taking Scrap (her baby – not a pet dog) off her hands, enabling us to get on almost uninterruptedly.

Our craft of choice was needle felting. Not something I’ve considered before, but it was immensely pleasing. It basically involves a great deal of stabbing wool with a barbed needle which is incredibly therapeutic. The fact that we created pretty things out of this violent action was a bonus. For a detailed explanation of how to do this, check out this tutorial – it is actually just as simple as it looks. In case you can’t tell what the pretty things are, that would be a flower corsage (which will probably be fashioned into some form of hair adornment) and a pink heart (I made a white one too) which may become either hair clips or brooches…

In the above collage, you’ll spot Mrs WF watching another tutorial. Were her face not mostly out of the photo, you’d also see that she was rather amused. Searching for needle felting guidance led us into the surreal world of the YouTube tutorial – home to many batty ladies passionate about obscure crafting techniques and keen to share them with others.

It would be mean to highlight some of the dodgier examples we found, but our favourite discovery does need to be shared – luckily the quality was also excellent, so this is an honest recommendation. By and large, craft tutorials are dominated by the female gender, so it was refreshing to find one by a man. The fact that this man is associated with a whole craft website and was rather cute made it all the more wonderful. We were entranced – and that was even before we discovered his ‘how to make a handbag out of a recycled book’ video. [Those of you who know my intense feelings towards the care of books will understand that this video had the potential of being deeply traumatic, fortunately, his charm and good looks enabled me to overcome these feelings.] Bless you, Chris of

I think we’ve now decided that come our next craft date, we may have to make our own tutorial – just to show the world how it should be done. All we need is an appropriate craft to share…


  1. Ittyjo and i have just spent far too long watching craft videos on youtube…shame on you…to think we could have been watching Cbeebies!

    Fabulous blog…now have a deep desire to go and stab my fingers/make some beautiful felt items…hobbycraft here i come!

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