Intentional offence?

Sometimes I see something and my mind leaps to conclusions so absurd that I have to go back and take a second look. Like mis-reading words and inferring an inappropriate meaning.

Sometimes, it turns out that what I thought I’d seen was actually exactly what I thought it was…

Today I took a glance at the dummy page for our new work intranet (this has been a long time coming, so I was rather intrigued). One of the boxes on the side had a rather flashy gif that linked to our in-house e-mail guidelines:
“Lose friends and alienate people in one easy lesson – How not to e-mail” 

The gif moved from the image on the left, to the one on the right:

I looked once, thought that maybe I was seeing things, then looked again. Is it just me, or is that image giving me the finger? Is a Christian organisation’s intranet effectively swearing at its staff? Seems improbable, but it’s the only conclusion I can reach! Very bizarre.

Inappropriate? Possibly. But I still didn’t mention it when our team shared their feedback this afternoon. I think it’s likely that this little animation will bring a smile to my face for some time to come.

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