Frozen Friday Fun

The bonus of two major holidays falling on Fridays (and thus scuppering Friday fun blogging) is that it means I’ve got lots of nice/interesting/faintly amusing things saved up for you… (I say ‘lots of’, that might be a slight exaggeration.)

Starting from this afternoon, I will be engaged in my own (or rather, my friends’ own) brand of wholesome fun. It’s Girls Weekend #3, we think we’re all going to make it through the snow, and have a whole host of entertainment planned. Tomorrow we’re doing Christmas again – who wouldn’t want another Christmas dinner just 2 weeks after the last one?

It’s also been my responsibility to generate some very exciting/pathetic (delete as applicable) amusement in the form of a quiz. It includes two picture rounds, one of which relates to the Clutterbuck International Nativity Collection (in my defence, this wasn’t my idea, it was requested). There’s a missing lyrics from musicals round and a Buzzcocks-style intros round – if this concept is lost on you, check out this clip of Amy Winehouse’s attempt and one of my favourite moments of the last season in which Michael Ball & Phil Jupitus camp it up, Hairspray style (at at about 6mins in – confession, I thought this was the intros round, it wasn’t, it was next lines, but it’s too good not to share!) Oh, and there’s one more round – all about me and my sister. Again, this isn’t simply¬†narcissism, last year’s quiz writer had a round about her. I’ve tried it out on my mother and she got one question wrong, so it may be tricky…

Anyway, I digress – why boast about the fun I’ll be having when I’ve not given you anything fun (aside from two comedy clips). Having two weeks off work gave me an excellent opportunity to read tons of mindless stuff online, discovering new blogs which will keep me entertained whilst chained to my computer for the next few months.

First off, The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” quotation marks. It seems to be mostly an American issue, with signage including spurious and utterly out of place “” – you see it from time to time on Cake Wrecks too. Here’s an example:

Secondly, a blog of passive aggressive notes. I’m a big fan of passive aggression, as I’m a coward when it comes to confrontation. Being quite a fan of written communication (and having lived with a passive aggressive note leaver at university – on purple post-its!) this is quite the diverting blog. It’s not just the notes, it’s the stories that go with them and the responses – like this one, about a supposed peeping tom…

It’s still frozen round here, so why bother trying to go out and do anything (unless you’re a girl coming on the Girls Weekend Away) – just sit at home, read amusing blogs and watch random youtube clips. That’s a fun weekend, right?

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