Unrealistic Expectations

Sometime ago, I discovered that a number of friends had joined the amusingly titled facebook group: Disney gave me unrealistic expectations about love. Essentially, it’s for those who believe that ‘swapping your voice and family for legs is a good deal’…

As a realist, I don’t suffer from such delusions (i.e. I understand that I do not live in a cartoon world of fairy tales). However, it’s struck me that another film genre has given me unrealistic expectations about life in general – Richard Curtis movies…

Today I had several moments of what I like to call ‘The Notting Hill Effect’. I don’t know if it’s simply because I live in London, or because I’m a hopeless romantic, or because it’s getting colder, or that it’s getting near Christmas, but they seemed to come at me from all angles.

It’s those moments of a sudden flash of realisation that this specific moment in time would be marvellously accompanied by a musical score – like crossing The Blue (Bermondsey’s answer to Walford market) this morning and seeing the stalls becoming Christmassy, entirely reminiscent of the time lapse scene in Notting Hill. Or this evening, walking home along the river, with the lights twinkling on Tower Bridge – a scene that could have been straight out of Love, Actually.

Because do you know what that fool of a director has done to me? He’s made me expect that the stuff of his films should happen in real life. That I should live in an idyllic mews house in Hampstead, with a fabulously gorgeous husband, with whom I’d walk hand-in-hand with on the Heath; that my travels round town should be accompanied by a string-heavy orchestral score; that it should snow every winter; that I should have fabulous dinner parties with equally fabulous guests…I could go on, but I think you get the picture!

I’m sure you do it too though. Who hasn’t emulated the fabulous excited dance¬†Sarah executes when finally bagging her long-term office crush in Love, Actually? Oh no, wait, that would be just me again, wouldn’t it?

It’s lucky that I’m a realist (or rather, as I like to term it, a pessimistic optimist), else I’d be constantly disappointed with life. As it is, I’ve learned to laugh at these moments of ridiculousness and only indulge them on the sofa, in front of one of the films…

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