Inappropriate clothing

When packing for Christmas in the shire, I contemplated including my terribly attractive paisley wellies. Sadly, presents, practical clothing and the limitations of train travel prohibited it, but I figured I’d make do with my day to day boots. After all, they’re Doc Martens (and flat) so aren’t utterly impractical.

Day one of holiday: Liz gets stuck in mud whilst on a walk with the dog. Turns out the icy bridal path was hiding some pretty thick mud…Liz freaks out slightly at possible damage to (second) favourite boots and refuses to go any further. [The photo below was taken whilst trapped and awaiting rescue.]

Boxing Day: Liz meets old school chums on top of a hill overlooking the shire, clad in what she thinks is ‘practical’ clothing for such an outing: jacket (Gap); hoodie (Yale); jumper; long-sleeved tee; jeans; boots (as above)… She realises she might be under-dressed when two chums take hiking boots and outdoorsy jackets out of their car boots. She spends most of the walk going down hills and through mud very hesitantly, missing out on large chunks of conversation as being ten or twenty feet behind rendered her deaf.

Honestly, I knew I was a proper townie the moment Sian and Katie appeared clad in North Face & Berghaus respectively – they clearly know how to do things properly. I own hiking boots, but they live in Belfast (not sure why, there was probably a logic to that decision five years ago). So now I’m looking at the Blacks’ sale with a view to purchasing a sensible outdoor jacket that’s waterproof, windproof and hopefully just a little bit aesthetically pleasing.

And the footwear? Well, my DMs need a little bit of TLC and waxing, but they’ll survive. I’m probably not a hard-core enough walker to justify buying a second, English based pair of walking shoes – wouldn’t really need them on Oxford Street after all. But perhaps on my next trip to the Emerald Isle I could bring them back…

Ultimately, this week I have had to face up to the fact that however much I like to pretend that I’m happy communing with nature, I am an utter townie, a total urbanite – and nothing reflects this more than my clothing. Oh well, I will continue to make a good humoured attempt at it and enjoy it when I can…

Cold tootsies

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