For the love of lists

It’s December 1st and thus all conversations seem to turn to Christmas shopping…

My mother’s just spent a weekend with my sister, which included a day of shopping at the mecca that is the Street outlet (I’m hoping that a lot of shopping was done for my benefit) – but this meant that me and my Dad had to submit our lists last week. This evening I arrived home to a purple envelope containing my family Secret Santa allocation (it’s how we do our stockings – unless you’re under 8 and reading this, in which case Father Christmas does them). Christmas is unstoppably on its way!

As usual, the Christmas list highlight has (so far) come from Doris (previous year’s lists are here and here), who has asked for ‘heavy books’. On further enquiry, she doesn’t want to read them – just have them on her shelves looking impressive. Excellent stuff. I will now find pretty, heavy books suitable for a 7 year old’s boudoir. If I’m lucky, perhaps she’ll let me alphabetise them during the holidays.

On a related note, my sister shared with me today one idea she’d had for my present – because of my love of books. Apparently some company has come up with the bizarre idea of producing books in which the main character’s name can be changed to a name of your choosing. Mim found two possibilities – The Wizard of Oz (not really my kind of thing) and Pride and Prejudice. It’s not rocket science to realise that the latter would be a slightly pointless purchase, what with the main character being called Elizabeth an’ all!

My list wasn’t terribly amusing or interesting. The Mulberry handbag I’ve recently fallen in love with was excluded because I am a realist and know about budgets. Mostly, it consisted of requests for cosy PJs, slippers and a long list of books – I think I am officially a middle aged woman.


  1. Elizabeth Gale from Kansas. Doesn’t quite ring as true!

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