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Apologies for the absence of Friday Fun today. It’s entirely because I’ve been having too much fun of my own. Actually, I say ‘fun’, it was in fact flipping hard work. Today was 11 Million Takeover Day and our building was overtaken by children & teenagers (thankfully only 80 of them, not 11 million).

Because I am a fool and volunteer for crazy things (and can’t seem to say ‘No’), I had the responsibility of involving 30 of these invaders in a research project we’re doing on Climate Change (actually, specifically carbon reduction), so we came up with lists of things our building could do better to reduce our emissions.
It was fun, but I’m knackered and have a whole new level of respect for teacher friends. I promise, never again will I make comments about my having a ‘proper’ job!! You guys are amazing and deserve all the holiday you get!

Anyway, I have one final book recommendation for you to end the week:
I was lent a copy to help with the planning for today and loved it. It contains 100 suggestions to change your workplace, including a sizeable number of environmental ones, but also things that help create a better mood. Even better, some of the suggestions come with stickers (who doesn’t love a sticker book?!) – wouldn’t you like to compliment fellow colleagues with gold stars or show gratitude with Thank You stickers?
There are similar books by the same authors, but this is specifically for the workplace and the older reader. One suggestion that had me laughing out loud was #61: Speak rather than e-mail…
“It’s nicer.
It’s also better to see someone’s reaction for real.
Plus, there’s another reason. It’s also because your boss can read all your e-mails.
Didn’t you know this?
Why do you think he was looking at you so weirdly last Tuesday?
He KNOWS what you want to do with the office junior and a tub of low-fat yoghurt.”

If you want something a little less risque, there’s Teach Your Granny to Text (for children) and Change the World for a Fiver. Highly recommended.
I’ve now been allowed to keep the copy I was lent, so next week the lovely Children & Youth team will be getting a Thank-You sticker and gold star. Fabulous.


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