Hiding behind anonymity

Yesterday I made a blogging discovery courtesy of a spot of Friday afternoon blog hopping, following links to a friend of a friend’s blog (actually, we have several mutual friends, none of whom know each other, it’s very odd) where I spotted a link that intrigued me…

It turned out to be an anonymous blog (gosh how I love those) chronicling the travails of a 30 something Christian singleton in London who decided a couple of months ago to spend a year online dating – trying out a different site each month. The result is The Girl Glory’s Shark Infested Water and a jolly good read it is too (especially if you happen to be a 20 something Christian singleton in London who happens to have dabbled in online dating…).

I’m also jealous/annoyed. It’s exactly the kind of thing I’ve intended to write for ages – ever since I found Jerusalem’s blog (sadly no longer updated) – but can’t write on here. One of my motivations for writing a candid diary in blog form was that I could do it anonymously without anyone finding out it was me. Unfortunately, I shared one too many of the pseudonyms used in my anonymous blog with dear Annabelle who (thanks to Google) found it – resulting in shrieks of horror from me. Now it’s very firmly hidden and no one but me can read it, which is probably oh so slightly pointless.

This blog is not the place to write about dating’n’stuff, it’s not really fair to do that to men – not to mention who might read it. I’m increasingly aware of my diverse readership, from my mother (who still drops in occasionally despite my protests), to colleagues (very dangerous), male friends (with and without history), onto friends near and far, to complete and utter strangers…you get the picture. Plus (and this is something The Girl Glory has discovered to her cost) the Christian world is very small – everyone knows each other, so telling stories in public can have ramifications.

Anyway, good luck to her! I hope it has some success and perhaps I’ll pick up some tips along the way.


  1. So glad you’re enjoying it, Liz! Yes, anonymity is a very useful thing while you can maintain it but I know what you mean – there’s always the danger you can tell one too many friend (or just the wrong one!) what you’re up to…

    For me it was important because while I love sharing the fairly bonkers things that happen when you’re internet dating, I don’t want it to be something that can hurt anyone, even accidentally. I’ve tried to put a time-delay on some of the juicier stories, for the sake of distancing them from the real people involved.

    And who knows what I’m going to do when I actually find the man of my dreams…

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