Bad signs

Another week, another focus group up north, another hotel…

This week’s hotel was chosen specifically for its proximity to the train station. I’ve got to be on time for an 11am meeting in London tomorrow morning, which means catching the 7.34 from Chester – ouch. [I may, or may not have made it clear to our Administrator that C didn’t need such an early train back when I sorted out the tickets…I will certainly have a silent travel companion tomorrow.]

Turns out the hotel’s opposite a sex shop and a tattoo parlour, which may give a good (or not so good) indication of the neighbourhood. C and I were still giggling about this juxtaposition when we checked in. We then had cause for further giggles…

…Despite asking for the rooms booked under “Stephens and Clutterbuck”, the receptionist initially only gave us one key and was leading us to the room before I asked about the second one we’d booked. The idea that me and C could be a couple had me giggling even more. (Nothing against C, he just doesn’t go for girls!)

Other notable achievements for today included C having only his second pork pie OF HIS LIFETIME!! (The first was last week apparently.) This boy is really having his eyes opened via this tour of the provinces.

Just hoping these focus groups aren’t cursed. Hours after we left Keswick last week it suffered from its highest rainfall in a thousand years and terrible flooding…

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