Falling in love at the Apple Store

Today’s Friday Fun is brought to you courtesy of YouTube, the Apple Store and one very odd guy with way too much time on his hands.

Last week (oh, was it only last week?!) I received a message from my friend who sends me fun things, with this video attached and a suggestion that whilst in New York I check out the store where it was filmed. I’d actually considered going to the Apple Church, sorry, store – but didn’t know where it was.

Luckily, I happened upon it whilst strolling down 5th Ave the very next day and entered the bizarre cuboid entrance. A spiral staircase leads you into what could easily be a Bond villain’s lair – except it’s a lot lighter, has a lot of people in it as well as many friendly lanyard wearing employees.

Best thing about Apple stores? Free internet access. I initially used this to compare the prices of iPod Touches in the UK and US, but then thought “sod it” and went on Facebook like everyone else. I managed to avoid purchasing anything (despite a follow-up visit the next day) but I have a theory…

Whilst in the Apple store, I continued a conversation with the sender of the video, which went along these lines:

Me: Think I’m being converted into a Mac person. Using the most lovely MacBook pro atm, love it! Everything in the Apple Store is so lovely. Do you think they pump something through the air con that makes people need to buy things?? [I was clearly under the influence of something – that kind of excitement about technology is not typical of me!]

Friend: Probably. Apple basically = the Dark Side [The irony of this comment is that it was written on a Mac.]

Did I fall in love at the Apple Store? Yes. It’s been over a week now and I still want a MacBook. (Although I want an iPhone more.) I wonder how long the chemicals will affect me?

Sorry, did I have a point? Oh yes, this video, a marvel of lyric composition and sheer nerve…


  1. One of lives better satires…

    Warm Regards


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