The joy of swapping

Today I finally got to go to my very first swap party. I had long anticipated this event, ever since my sister went to one and acquired a gorgeous necklace (which she wears a lot – a perpetual reminder that she got it for free) and a fabulous leather handbag. However, it took quite a long while for one of my friends to get round to holding one.

For the uninitiated, the point of a swap party is to take stuff you don’t need anymore, others do the same, you lay it all out, rummage, fight and hunt for items, ultimately taking home a load of new belongings – gratis. What’s there not to enjoy??
Last night I realised I was at a slight disadvantage.
(i) I manage to use a lot of my belongings to the point of destruction – shoes, handbags, clothes – clearly I’m a naturally thrifty person.
(ii) One of my good friends has enjoyed my cast-offs (the ones I’ve not worn out) ever since we lived together, so she usually reaps the benefits – particularly shoes.
(iii) Any clothes I’d not got rid of were ones that are in the ‘items I’d like to slim back into soon’ pile.
(iv) All my handbags are still very much functional. (Yes, all of them.)
Thus, I didn’t get to take much with me and felt a little guilty. Needn’t have worried though, the host & her best mate had had a massive clear-out, so had several others. After a civilised period of tea drinking & cupcake eating, it was time to get stuck in. I wasn’t disappointed…
….my haul included:
  • Pink handbag (you can never have too many bags, besides, it fitted all my other discoveries in it.)
  • Purple gloves and scarf (never too early to prepare for winter), a couple of cotton scarves, necklace, sunglasses.
  • Two pairs of shoes – one that may be a little bit of a make-over project – thanks to me being the only person with size 8 feet, with 12 pairs of size 8 shoes up for grabs! Happy days.
  • A book that will definitely be the subject of a separate post later this week.
I’m now planning to hold my own in the autumn – the potential joy of such an occasion must be shared.

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