A thing of beauty and of joy

A couple of days ago a colleague paid me a visit (others refer to him as “The Rev”, because he is a Rev – original) and shared with me what I knew immediately would have to be Friday’s fun… Auditorium

It’s very difficult to describe (I know, I spent an hour googling it at home last night because I couldn’t remember what it was called!) but essentially it’s a game that allows you to create pretty patterns with music. You have to guide a ‘flow’ of sound into various containers using arrows. Each container has a different line of music, so once all are filled (the object of the game) it produces a delightful piece of polyphony as well as a hypnotising image. Like this:

Be warned – it is highly addictive and oh so slightly frustrating! But, if like me you are easily calmed by pretty patterns and pretty music, it all works out in the end.

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