"There’s a fine line…

…between the persistent widow and a psychotic stalker.”

An excellent point and one I should remember! This gem was one of several during the last night of my church’s four week long relationship course.
Others included some dubious statistical analysis, in which it was revealed that St M’s men rank intelligence & humour above the hot factor, yet below ‘Godly’. I shall clearly have to get working on some intelligent biblical jokes.
On a more serious note, the course has been tough in places. The problem with ‘megachurches’ (mine probably is as close to a megachurch as the UK gets) is that they sometimes seem very focused on coupling up its congregations. Marriage is the ultimate goal and those who have to yet to achieve it sometimes seem to be left standing awkwardly on the sidelines.
Four weeks of discussion on dating and the rest can leave one feeling oh so slightly despondent and with a rather idealistic view of marriage. Luckily tonight, as well as the above, there was a down to earth insight into ‘the ideal’ from our vicar & his wife. Essentially speaking on communication, it was real and at times brutal, but was the most positive part of the entire course.
And what am I taking away from this? To not worry. To not set unrealistic standards. To not look for a ‘perfect’ man (he doesn’t exist & neither does the perfect woman, sorry). To not envy what I don’t have. To not make assumptions that others have got it sorted.
And most of all, that actually, it’s not in my hands at all.

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