Getting 2010 ready

I’ve long been bemused by the fact that next year’s calendars always appear during the height of summer. It’s probably because I usually only buy mine in mid-January when they’re half-price. Anyway, lately a few have caught my attention, so I thought I should share…
First off, a quality article, perfect for those Vicars/Church Wardens/PCC members (or in Methodist terms: Ministers/Stewards) in your life: Dave Walker’s ‘Situations Vacant’

This has been a perfect birthday present addition for my Dad for the last couple of years, as we regularly do some father-daughter bonding over the cartoons. Beats trying to discuss theology with him!
Then, for the devout Catholics/High Church Anglicans, the Calendario Romano. Otherwise known as the ‘hot priests calendar’, though I suspect they’re not actually priests. C has this one on his desk (to show a spirit of ecumenism), and I’m putting an order in for 2010’s when my parents visit Rome next week. Below is 2009’s ‘Father July’ who we liked so much that he’s actually been up since the beginning of May. (Fathers May and June were not so hot.)

Last year, I discovered the Mormon ‘Men on a Mission’ calendar, which is rather gratuitous. (Even more so than moody black & white shots of priests.) This year, they’ve also launched ‘Hot Mormon Muffins: A Taste of Motherhood’ – a female version, complete with muffin recipes. I will admit that this is tacky in the extreme.

I realise these are all religion themed, which is actually entirely accidental. But you’ve got to admit, they’re all better than one containing 12 beautiful shots of British roundabouts!

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