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Short and sweet today – simply a collection of recent things that I want to share my love of in the blogging world…
1) Ali’s blog. Ali’s a friend who moved to Ghana to work for a construction firm a couple of years ago. Her blog tells the random tales of being a British girl living in Africa and is well-worth a read, now that it’s back from a blogging hiatus. It also has one of the best blog titles – ‘Missing Bacon Butties’ – I’ve come across and makes me hungry whenever I see it.
2) Jo’s new baby blog. The blog is new, it’s about babies and crafts and there will be a new baby shortly. It’s cute and lovely and who doesn’t like crafts and babies?? (Boys? No, I’m sure they like them too!)
3) Jenny’s debut single. Jenny is one of my wisest friends, she also directs the gospel choir I sing in and generally is rather awesome in a musical way – fabulous voice, great songs…she’s a pretty gorgeous individual too. Yesterday saw the launch of of her very first single, which you can download for free via the above link, or watch the video:
PS – had to find a new blog template last night as it was driving me up the wall that YouTube videos didn’t fit across the column width anymore. Need to do some more work on it, but hopefully this will be enough for now!


  1. Thanks for the link. May actually have to write something now!

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