Never did I think I’d see the day that this blog would start commenting on something as techno geeky as alternative browsers. (Alternatives to the ubiquitous Internet Explorer, obviously.)

Here are the top 5 things I’m loving & why I might be about to make it my default browser:

1. It spellchecks. Fantastic for ensuring there are no embarassing spelling errors in facebook updates, although slightly annoying in facebook chat because I care less if things are correct there.
2. On opening, it shows you (in nice boxes) your most used sites, so less faffing around with the bookmark tab.
3. It allows me to use facebook, gmail & the guardian website simultaneously on my work laptop – a combination that always had a tendancy to freak out and crash IE.
4. It’s smooth and doesn’t make that annoying clicking sound IE makes. (As a downside, it doesn’t always make the noise for facebook chat, which can mean I miss messages, but that’s minor.)
5. You can type you search request directly into the address bar.

On hearing that I was experimenting with Chrome, my brother-in-law commented on facebook:
Google Chrome? It’s one step away from buying a Mac, reading the Guardian and having dinner parties with people called Jasmine and Jeremy. Stick with IE – it’s fine and it annoys smug Mac gits who don’t actually know any better.

I was particularly amused that his comment had been posted from an iphone. The irony.
The truth is that I’d rather like a Mac, but I’m not brave enough to get one – so this way I can pretend. (Plus, I love reading the Guardian and Jasmine & Jeremy throw terrific dinner parties!)
* Thanks to those who spotted my clearly deliberate spelling mistake in the title of the original post. Clearly writing past 11pm is a very bad idea.


  1. It may well spell-check but that hasn’t stopped the spelling error in the title of this post!!!
    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods xx

  2. Your title reads Chome not Chrome. And I’ve been using Chrome for about a year now. Didn’t like it when it first came out but it’s really grown on me.

    I tend to alternate between Chrome and Firefox Mozilla which I’ve been using a wee number of years now.

    IE? You couldn’t pay me enough!

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