The Chocolate Asparagus

This is a morality tale, the moral of which is:
Don’t buy chocolate just because it’s an amusing shape.

On the avenue of loveliness (and expensiveness) that is Marylebone High Street, there’s a specialist chocolate shop whose door I had never dared to darken – until last Friday when C persuaded me that it was the perfect place to buy a Friday afternoon pick me up.

Rococo Chocolates is amazing. If you like chocolate and nicely packaged things it’s the perfect place to buy presents (for yourself, obviously), though a little pricey.

I’m not really eating chocolate (or anything particularly nice) at the moment, so careful consideration needed to be given to my purchases. A small bar of dark chilli chocolate would be perfect, if not a little dull for such an impressive shop; other nice things were in too great a quantity.

Then C spotted the Chocolate Asparagus.

White chocolate, dipped in milk chocolate (as you would dip an actual asparagus tip in butter), containing a praline centre, they looked glorious and oh so slightly amusing (depending upon how dirty your mind is). How could I not resist?

Back at the office, I decided to share the chilli chocolate. (It’s great – you need water with it though.) After that I didn’t feel like a Chocolate Asparagus, so intended to take it home for consumption over the weekend.

Ever forgetful, I forgot to do this and so my asparagus languished in my drawer for the weekend. I couldn’t eat it yesterday because I was singing last night & dairy – especially chocolate – is a bad thing for the vocal chords. So it wasn’t until today, after lunch, that I finally bit into the Chocolate Asparagus.

I was so disappointed! A little sickly on the outside, the praline a little dry. The amusement of the shape soon wore off. By the end I rather wished I’d simply bought a second tiny bar of fragranced chocolate instead.

Never go by looks alone. Yes, I’ve had my amusement with the asparagus. (It gave me a series of amusing facebook statuses for one thing and resulted in a debate about vegetables & chocolate.) But really, when you’re limiting your chocolate intake, go for the good things, the things you know will make you happy; like a Wispa, a bag of Reese’s Pieces or even the humble Dairy Milk – they cure all ills.

Goodbye Chocolate Asparagus.

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