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Yesterday was almost a frenzy of crafting activity. Originally, the purpose of our weekend was simply to get together and make things (because we both like doing that, rarely get to see each other and crafting in company is better than crafting alone). Then there was the additional purpose of needing to prove that you can make cute lovely things for baby boys.

Mrs Wibblyfish is certainly a master of productivity! In the space of just over 5 hours she managed to produce a batch of peppermint creams, 4 appliqued babygrows, do some knitting and bake a round of scones. Genius.

Our major project was the babygrows. Drawing inspiration from the wonderful Jill’s blog, we had a stack of plain white ‘onesies’ (love the American name) and various means of decorating them. Mrs WF is going for a monkey theme in her nursery, and had some adorable fabric that provided inspiration for three creations.

Then there was some exploration with iron-on t-shirt transfer paper – genius stuff. The ‘new’ design was a direct inspiration from Jill, as was the sock monkey – which is her design. I particularly like the noughts & crosses (my idea & a bit of experimentation) along with our very own ‘made by’ label.

Whilst Mrs WF knitted & baked (and her mother & grandmother played scrabble), I got to work on some jewellery making, ready for tomorrow’s giveaway day. The giveaway pair will stay hidden for now, but I’m quite proud of these two creations. The blue ones are a design I’ve been making and evolving for a while now – but I’ve never had a pair for myself, so these are mine! The snowflakes were the most finickity thing I’ve worked on for a while, but I think I’ll do them again.

All in all a very productive day. I have some inspiration for some further projects and if they come to fruition I’ll share the results.


  1. Crikey. You have been busy.

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