Good things

Life’s been busy lately. By the end of the working day yesterday I was feeling very ‘blah’ (not the best mood to be in on leading home group night) and rather unappreciated.

We had a big team presentation today. Somehow I’d been lumbered (along with C) with a lot of work for it, but despite a sketchy dress rehearsal (rehearsal?!!) it went well. The audience seemed to appreciate my simile for our research duo: “like google, but more attractive”. I think we might adopt it as a strapline…

An added bonus was that our colleagues recognised the work we’d put in and gave us flowers to say thanks. There’s nothing I love more than flowers but I hardly ever get given them. [Take note friends & family.]

Combine that with the fact that the flowers prevented me from going to the gym, which meant I arrived home in daylight for the first time this year, it was a really good end to the working day.

Good things are simple things.

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