A theory on shortness

I know it’s only a little while since my shallow post on the subject of hair cuts, but my hair was getting birds-nesty so yesterday it was time for another. (This being the important thing I was doing on Friday 13th that needed to go right!)

I always feel rather self-conscious writing this kind of post, but I’ve had requests, so here you go. Haircuts are very difficult to capture in self-portait photography, but I did have quite a good time being self-absorbed this afternoon!

Last time I mentioned that it was my shortest cut ever. Now this one is. Even the back is short. So short I believe clippers were involved at some point! Here’s a shot of the back to illustrate:

(The back’s even harder to photograph, hence the blurriness.)

It was probably a mistake to have dinner with Abidemi immediately afterwards, as her response went along the lines of…
“Nice!” [Goes round to look at the back.] “Shiiiiiiiiit! That’s short.”
“You know, you look far more like your mother now.”
That’s just what I need to hear!!

The boys round the corner were a bit more positive, but one went a bit deep. Rob was keen to know what had prompted this hairstyle change, which is interesting, because men generally don’t get the female attachment to their hair.

Of course, I have a theory for my haircut (I have many theories on many things). For most of my life I’ve been identified by my long hair. I think that there’s sometimes a danger that women hold their identity in their hair – sounds ridiculous, but I know several women who have phenomenally long hair, won’t cut it and it’s their key feature. In my case, growing up it was an easy way to distinguish between me and my sister – she was very short & had short brown hair; I was taller with long blonde hair.

Personally, I reckon my willingness to go short is partly because I’m more sure of who I am as a person. It’s also just down to a bit of risk-taking and wanting a change. To be honest, at 27 it was about time I got over my fear of hairdressers!

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