A fire-related toaster incident

Because I have nothing better to write about, I share with you a conversation relating to my sister’s facebook status this afternoon:

Mim is recovering from a fire-related toaster incident.

Katie: Is that subtley different to a toaster-related fire incident?

Liz: Maybe it’s that the fire was within the toaster, as opposed to an external fire caused by the toaster? e.g. Tea towel hanging above the toaster catching fire because of its proximity to heat/flame…

Mim: Liz has successfully interpreted the complexities of the wording of my status. It was indeed a fire within the toaster- crumbs caught fire, creating real life flames and everything. I reacted with the speed of a ninja and the injinuity of a Guide.

I now have a fabulous mental image of my sister clad in black ninja-esque clothing, complete with Guide sash full of badges, dashing to extinguish the flames. Dangerous, but nonetheless comedic.


  1. great mental image. Wish you were there to see me trying to dismantle your built in fire alarm when I caused some problems with your toaster… 🙂

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