The company of Mim

This weekend I enjoyed the rare company of my sister Mim (that would be short for Miriam, of course). It involved an essential meal at Wagamamas and shopping expeditions in which we discovered (belatedly) the joys of uniqlo (we oooohhed and ahhhhhed around the shop for a good long while).

We breakfasted at the communal table in Le Pain Quiotidien, where we were joined (unintenionally) by Nigel Planner – star of The Young Ones and Wicked – who ate two boiled eggs and with us tried to ignore the two women nearby discussing whether or not one of them might be pregnant.

We walked lots too. Best way to get round London really, and it means that you have the opportunity to discover fun things, like amusing signage…

Having an unusual name, it’s not often that Mim discovers comedy signs involving it. She was very happy to discover one opposite what has become known (to us) as the campest shop in London. Even better, it’s the name of a handbag emporium.

Mim and Mimco

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