When cheerleaders go bad

Just when you thought this blog was becoming a little too serious and intense, along comes a post about cheerleading…

Apparantly, cheerleading is the world’s most dangerous sport. This isn’t because of the injuries that can occur when a pom-pom flies into the eyes, oh no…it’s become particularly dangerous because of the increasing number of gymnastic stunts involved. As of 2008, High School Cheerleading accounted for 65.1% of ‘catastrophic’ sports injuries amongst girls.

And the danger doesn’t stop when cheerleaders leave the gym or football field. Cheerleading is seemingly not as sweet, innocent and wholesome an activity as depicted in the classic film ‘Bring It On’.

An article in today’s Guardian chronicles Cheerleading’s annus horribilis, including the kidnap & beating of a cheerleader by 6 other members of her high school squad in Florida. Not to mention the fact that the University of Idaho were forced to change their uniforms to something less slutty. Or that eight high school cheerleaders in Georgia were suspended for performing cheers whilst drunk. (Wouldn’t that just be hilarious to watch?)

In other cheerleading news, did you know that Indian cricket teams have them? And even they have their scandals. Last year, two British cricket cheerleaders were allegedly excluded from a squad because their skin was ‘too dark’.

Then there’s the gay cheerleader that was axed from Heroes. (I’m saying that like I watch the show, I actually don’t, but probably should.)

I think we need more cheerleaders in the UK. Not just pretty girls in slutty outfits either, have some decent gymnastic men in it too. (Although, my concept of male cheerleaders is slightly tainted by the fact that the current – but soon to be ex – US President was a member of a cheer squad!)

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