Acquiring new skills

I’m an eager beaver when it comes to learning things. (I blame my parents.)
I’m also a little bit competitive.

Both these facts might explain how I came to be playing Guitar Hero till nearly 3am on Saturday night.

I went to bed honestly believing that I’d finally acquired the ability to play the guitar. (This being the instrument that I feel would be most useful to play at my current stage of life!)

This may be an opportune moment to share with you an amusing discovery I made about a year ago…actually, two discoveries. In chronological order:

(i) The ‘Worship Team Hero’ group on facebook.
Basically, it develops ideas for a Christian rock version of the popular game, with various challenges. It includes such gems as:

“Every song will use a mystical progression called “The Jesus Chords”, consisting of G, D, Em, C. Should you decide to alter this progression in any way, brace yourself for mass confusion amongst team members and congregation alike.”

“It is possible (although difficult) to unlock a bonus level by successfully turning off the volume for “the bad singer”; leaving their voice only coming through their own monitor, yet convinced that everyone in the congregation can hear them.”

There’s also a ‘Worship Sound Team Hero’ suggestion, for all the die-hard techies out there, including the challenge of: “Managing a band consisting of bass, drums, 3 guitars, 2 keyboards, a piano, and 4 vocalists on a 16 channel console without anyone noticing which instrument/vocalist has a “dummy” mic. Bonus points for dealing with that last minute accordion player without breaking any commandments.”

(ii) Guitar Praise, as discovered on Gizmodo last summer.
Essentially, Guitar Hero with American Christian rock tunes instead of Aerosmith…

At the time, I thought this was a slightly ridiculous idea. On the way home listening to a rather cool sounding chord progression that was probably in a Tim Hughes song, I got thinking that maybe this would be rather fun. (As long as it was more British/Antipodean based, I don’t get American Christian rock unless it’s Switchfoot or DC Talk.)
Who says you can’t be competitive, have fun and praise the Lord at the same time?!


  1. Still so Anti-American? :O) Even after we’ve become so pro-Europe with our new idol in chief Obama? Moving to Philly on Monday. Gulp How are you?

  2. Not so anti-American…more simply just the fact that American worship stuff doesn’t get played over here so much! Even Obama couldn’t alter that fact.

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