Wii Fit?

This is the extent to which NaBloPoMo has taken over my life:
It’s five minutes to midnight on the penultimate day of November and I’ve escaped into my friend’s bedroom to blog before the day ends!

I’m taking a break from wii fit, a simultaneously hellish and heavenly device that may be about to take over my life. There are many things I hate about it – it’s made my lovingly created wii mii fat, and it cries “ouch” every time I stand on the board, not to mention its many and varied patronising comments.

However, it’s amazingly addictive. Last night I was on it for nearly an hour. I became obsessed with slalom skiing (which it turns out, I’m quite good at) and was determined to beat my friend’s highest score. I failed to do that last night, but on my 10th attempt this evening I succeeded. What an amazing sense of achievement!!

You’ve also got to love any device that decides that you’re “unbalanced” at the end of an activity – I’m not sure whether it means physically or mentally, given the amount of profanity which emerges from my mouth every time I make a mistake.

Not sure if I care enough about it to actually buy one though. That’s what I pay an inordinate amount of money to my gym for…and at least the treadmill doesn’t shout at me.

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