And this is why I’m a loser at heart

I’m disappointed with my last post and have calmed down a tad since my stressful journey home. Now that I’ve eaten and chilled out a bit in my rather empty flat, (I’m minus a flatmate again, but that’s a story for another occasion – needless to say the word of the month is “trust”), I’m a lot happier.

As so often happens when I’m home alone, I’ve been doing some tuneful/less singing to myself and opened my itunes to hear a track that’s been one of my favourites since celebrating the Lord’s birthday in September. I’m almost ashamed to share the title of this track, which now resides at #1 on my most played list…you won’t have heard of it…ok…it’s: “I Believe my Heart”.

It’s a lesser known Lloyd-Webber track – from The Woman in White – which has been performed by Duncan James, hence my slight embarassment. But I do adore it. It’s probably just because it taps into the hopelessly romantic bit of my personality.

Anyway, I also felt a need for a new playlist so thought I’d let the genius tool work its magic and now have a wonderfully cheesy selection to listen to on the tube tomorrow. God bless genius!

Just felt a need to share some of the (50) gems it’s provided for me:

A Different Beat – Boyzone [Worryingly, my best performances at the gym lately have resulted from listening to the Boyz.]

Especially for You – Kylie & Jason [Incidentally, this song did wonders for my spelling when I was 8. “Especially” is a tricky word when you’re trying to write out the lyrics to your favourite song!]

Angel of Mine – Eternal [Have quite a story about this, but it’ll make me look even more of a loser than this post already does!]

Beyond the Sea – Will Young [Have I mentioned before just how much I love Will Young? Gosh, my loser rating is rocketing sky-high now…]

Jump (For my Love) – Girls Aloud [Note to self: must watch Love Actually again before Christmas]

Love in the First Degree – Bananarama [Gutted I’m missing the 80s night at church this weekend as I discovered last night some friends are doing a Bananarama tribute!]

Oh, I could sooooo go on. Suffice to say, I’m going to be grinning & giggling to myself a lot tomorrow. Actually, not tomorrow, today. And as it’s after midnight this can count as Nov 19th’s post! Whoop.

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