Purposefully Purple

Now that it’s a bit cooler I can justify wearing my new purple coat. It’s even better when this coat is teamed with my lovely, patently purple shoes. I am all about the purple at the moment – if only I could carry around my purple laptop too.

I’m currently in the middle of a craft project that’ll be the topic of my next few posts, depending on how long it takes me to finish, and I’m probably a little high as a result of using acrylic paint in an unventilated room…but as Abidemi’s paid 3 visits to my blog today, I felt I should write something!

So, I’m sharing something I discovered ages ago (courtesy of this blog), but still makes me chuckle. Plus, it ties in very well with my current purposefully purple mood:

pointlessly purple

Click on it – you know you want to.


  1. You should feel privileged for free. Many have offered to pay me to visit their crusty blogs. By the way, my laptop’s hot pink. Beat that, your purple highness!

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