Autumn craft project #2

As promised at the weekend, here’s the second of my autumn art creations. The first project was only autumnal in the sense that I created it during the autumn. This one actually involves the fruit of the season…

Again, the inspiration is from Better Homes & Gardens, but this time I’ve tweaked the original idea quite a bit, it used circles in contrasting colours on a canvas, I instead decided to go for a bit of autumn inspiration…

Instead of circles, I used leaves. It was a bit of risk and had the potential to look like some 6 year old’s creation that would last about 2 weeks on even the most devoted mother’s fridge. A walk through Regent’s Park provided me with a variety of leaves, and I was ready to get going.

I painted a large canvas navy blue, using turquoise acrylic paint for the first layer of leaves and silver for some contrasting ones. Here’s how it went:

I guess it detracts from the yellow a little bit!

A few tips in case you’re trying it out:

Crispy leaves don’t print as well as ones that are a little bit ‘newer’, if you know what I mean. They tend to break up a bit, whereas newer ones take the paint better and are easier to peel off.

The underlying colour will need a couple of coats to cover the canvas effectively, but let it dry between coats. Similarly, allow time for each stage to dry before you move on. I did each stage on a different day. It’s hard when you’re so excited about a project – but control yourself.

It’s a great stress-relieving project. I got incredibly into it and enjoyed getting covered in paint day after day.


  1. It looks amazing. I’m a little bit jealous that you got to play with paint and I didn’t

    I think I may use some of your inspiration and creat some of my own….

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