Why life’s harder as a woman…

So, tomorrow I have this big interview. I’m a little stressed about it and my presentation’s not quite ready – but I have this evening to finish it off, so it’ll be fine.

But it struck me today that I’m already at a disadvantage to the other two candidates (who I happen to know are both male). I’ve had to put some serious thought into what I’m wearing tomorrow and how I’ll have my hair…

The men on the other hand simply have to decide which suit they’ll put on (if they happen to be of a suit wearing disposition) and what shirt/tie combination will go with it. Tomorrow morning, they’ll put it on and go to work as normal.

I on the other hand, will probably be getting up earlier than usual to ensure that I have a good hair day; spend quite a while working out which tights to wear (instruments of torture!); which shoes to put on….I could go on, but you get the picture.

I’d claim it was all terrible unfair on women, because this is what society expects of us, however really, I’m just pandering to my own sensibilities – such is the curse of my whimsical gender.*

*It would be wrong to claim that I came up with this phrase myself, but I didn’t. This person did.

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