Jumping on the Palin bandwagon

Last week I had Sarah Palin thrown at me.
I don’t mean literally, obviously, it was in fact another (rather pointless) addition to facebook’s superpoke and a friend thought it would be funny. Actually, he was right, it was funny – far better than having a sheep thrown at me.

This provided a timely reminder that there is just no way of escaping the US elections (unless I choose to hide in a cave for the next few months, but that’s unlikely). Yet again, the fate of the world lies in the hands of 300 million people (give or take several hundred thousand who are in jail or live in a state where votes aren’t actually counted…) and it’s scary just how tight this contest is now looking.

If you’d been anywhere near me on August 29th, you would have heard a gasp of incredulity as I glanced at the BBC News front page and discovered that McCain had picked Sarah Palin as his running mate. My incredulity has done nothing but grow over the last few weeks, culminating in the discovery on Friday that she only got her first passport LAST YEAR!

I know the US is a big country, that there’s not so much ‘need’ to cross its borders, but surely you’d be interested to, just once in a while? Especially if you can “see Russia from the kitchen window” [incidentally, she totally can’t]…would you not be the tiniest bit intrigued by what might be happening elsewhere in the world?

Surely, living in Alaska you’d want to go somewhere with sun, sea, sand and regular hours of daylight once in a while? (Having watched 30 Days of Night just the other week, I’m unlikely ever to set foot in northern Alaska, or possibly the entire state.)

I’m not going down the path of being overly critical of the women – kudos to her, she’s managed to raise a family and have a high powered job in a male dominated world – but honestly, it’s total tokenism to put her on the ticket. “You’ve got a black guy running for President? I see your Obama, and raise you the female governor of Alaska….that’ll get us the votes of all the women pissed off that Hillary didn’t win the nomination.”

At this rate, the night of November 4th could be as bad as election night 4 years ago: I was living alone at the time (& was unemployed – cheery!), stayed up to watch the coverage with a bottle of wine to keep me company and woke up fully-clothed the next morning with a hangover and the knowledge that the world had to put up with Bush for another four years. Doesn’t get much more depressing than that…

It’s pointless using this post to encourage my American friends to vote Democrat – most of them already do. But please, I beg you – for the sanity of the rest of the world – don’t repeat your past mistakes.

One last thing – you know why we have to care so much about the VP candidate?
Because the Presidential one is so old, and as the American saying goes, you do the math. For more musings on that subject, check out thingsyoungerthanmccain.com


  1. She’s so full of hot air, she couldn’t have hurt that much!

    Sorry darling

  2. I’ve been doing some research and the voting population of America is roughly 215 million people. However, that the amount of Americans who are over 18. 75 % are actually registered to vote. That’s 161 million people. But people who actually vote (because in our wonderfully enigmatic governing practices, voting is on a TUESDAY!) is about 57% of that number. So the grand total of 92 million people actually decide who “the leader of free world” Scary thought huh?

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