Activities to keep you occupied in church #2

Play golf on your mobile.

Far more irritating and far less interesting than the girl spotted knitting a while ago.

In fact, as the guy sat next to me played golf all the way through the testimonies of those being baptised this evening, I’d say it was pretty much inappropriate & insulting…

There you go, rant over.

Incidentally, I often find myself sat near knitting girl and it’s still very intriguing watching her knit through the sermon. She makes very pretty things.


  1. I quite often play on my phone during the sermon – apart from the fact that I have the Bible on my phone, I find that doing something with my hands actually helps me focus on listening to what’s being said. I’m sorry its distracting, we’re not being rude – us kinaesthetic learners need to keep active or we stop listening.

  2. That’s fair enough – but I’m pretty sure this guy wasn’t listening! Maybe you should take up knitting…

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