Pretty bags for life

Yesterday I had a joyous weekday day off – a rare occurrance – which was made slightly less joyous by a trip to the ‘local’ (i.e. miles away) Royal Mail sorting office for a letter that couldn’t be found…

Anyway, my trip wasn’t totally fruitless as I was able to visit Tesco. I truly know my life is dull when using a non-Asda supermarket for my grocery shopping is an exciting event. I was obviously meant to go to Tesco as they had special offers on Diet Coke and low-fat Ben&Jerrys – two key ingredients for a joyous day off.

But this is all irrelevant (like anything I blog about is actually relevant at all!). The most important thing about my trip to Tesco was that it finally gave me an oppotunity to buy a Cath Kidston Bag for Life. If you’ve not spotted them they are truly lovely – both aesthetic and functional – and made out of 9 500ml plastic bottles. They’re only £3.50 (a proper Cath Kidston bag would set you back just a little bit more!) and 50p from each bag goes towards Marie Curie Cancer Care, bonus.

They are utterly gorgeous and I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t buy the three different designs I saw in my parents’ local Tesco in Belfast a few weeks ago. The earlier designs are now hard to come by, but more are being launched later in the year. For now, I’ll have to console myself with this lovely, capacious stripey one.

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