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Ok, this is a little out of the blue, as it sounds a tad intellectual and isn’t about my birthday/how old I’m getting/random nakedness in the parks of London/knitting…

I’ve just realised that a lot of the random blogs I read (& when I say ‘read’, I mean ‘I have RSS feeds on’) are written by Mormons. Bear in mind that my igoogle reader is divided into “Friends’ blogs”, “Church-y blogs” and “American blogs”, and the last category has a substantial number of those ‘look how cute my baby is’ blogs in it.

Anyway, I’m not saying that Mormonism is a bad thing, but simply that I know virtually nothing about the denomination!

Most of what I do know I learnt over the last couple of weeks whilst watching Angels in America. (Incidentally, highly, highly recommended. Had me laughing and crying almost simultaneously. Just don’t attempt to watch it in its original 2 x 3 hour parts!) Which was mostly to do with their views on angels & homosexuality as well as their history in America.

Plus, I think the Metro featured something recently on a naked Mormon missionary calendar, which for some unknown reason, caught my attention. The aptly named Mormons Exposed project is something of a delight but has led to men being asked to leave the church.

Other than that, sometime ago I learnt that there are quite a few Mormons in Tonga and that their main method of reaching the youth of the islands was through the construction of basketball courts next to their churches, which is very attractive in a country with not a great deal of youth culture.

Anyway, I guess it’s just because I’ve not come across many here, and I really resonate with a lot of the writing on these blogs that I’ve been struck by my lack of knowledge. And I really like to know stuff about stuff!
So I guess I’ll be off to Wikipedia then…


  1. and it was a good excuse for a gratuitous half-naked man shot…

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