Sea View?

Have you ever noticed how “proper grown-ups” [that would be my term for anyone I consider to be properly older than me] get excited about the weirdest things?

There was almost a stampede when it was announced that the conference bags could be collected, and even more excitement when lanyards with name badges attached were found inside them.

Frankly, I have enough bags, and as a general rule I don’t enjoy long periods of time with my name round my neck. But, if it makes other people happy…

Anyway, it turns out Scarborough’s ok. Nice beach (though it’s at the bottom of a cliff); fairly decent weather; good people; flowing red wine (after hours) and a Danish brass band. Who could ask for more?

The only truly negative aspect being the view from my bedroom windows:

But then, I suppose it was too much to expect that my room would have a sea view, or at the very least, natural daylight?


  1. So, there is life north of the UK…interesting.

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