Today, in another of my Mormon blogs, Elizabeth has basically spoken out on behalf of half the world’s population. In a post entitled ‘to all my homegirls out there’, she pretty much sums up what life can be like as a 21st century unmarried woman.

She begins the post with an extract from an online chat in which her friend concludes:
“he is also a boy…and therefore an idiot.”

Exactly. Idiot boys.
I totally concur.

Incidentally, regarding Mormons. I’ve discovered why the Mormonism has suddenly become more apparant in the blogs. July 24th was Pioneer Day (a state holiday in Utah) commemorating the arrival of the first group of Mormon Pioneers to the state. I’m familiar with most of the US holidays (Labour Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, July 4th etc) but this was a new one on me!

And finally, thanks for the birthday wishes! The best thing about birthdays? Surprises.

I got 4 presents from my sister (ranging in size, she’s not that generous!), 2 of which I was expecting, 2 were total surprises, particularly ‘Stock Aitken Waterman Gold’! So as I write I’m reliving my 8 year old past and singing along to Jason Donovan. Wonderful.

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