Christmas again?

I’ve succumbed to the reality that Christmas is just 4 weeks away, so the annual task of working out what to get as Christmas presents has started.

My sister likes to help with this, in an effort to ensure that she doesn’t end up with a pile of crap I suppose, although she only has a limited influence on other friends/family… The last couple of years I’ve received a helpful, if just a tad sarcastic, e-mail along the lines of this one (from 2006):

Subject: I don’t want a lot for Christmas

Christopher and Elizabeth,

Again it has fallen upon me to notify my nearest and dearest as to what I might desire for Christmas. May I take this opportunity to point out that this does rather take the excitement out of the whole occasion and confirms for me that no one in the family really knows me.

Firstly, a brief introduction:
Name: Mim
Age: 22
Likes: Comedy, clothes, Disney, Christmas jumpers.
Dislikes: People not knowing what I might like for Christmas, being called Megan
[the family labrador].

Down to business:
My little unimaginative friends…
You should already know a selection of my favourite televisual entertainments. This year these include: Qi, Little Britain, Scrubs, Arrested Development and many many more. Should you peruse a website such as Play or Amazon you will find dvds of the above as well as tie-in paraphernalia and more importantly the little section on “people who bought this also bought…”. This is a mine of information and can lead to exciting little discoveries.

By way of feature films I much desire Disney’s The Little Mermaid. The seaweed is always greener and so on. There are also always classic films that can be enjoyed time and again. My personal likes are often found in bargain basement-type areas. I don’t know what this says about my tastes but it makes present buying that bit more exciting. And sometimes less expensive.

Now there is the essential Christmas jumper. This should be a woollen affair, preferably with a bold, unavoidable pattern. Classic colours are pink, dark red or purple. I am still looking to branch into tank top wearing but I would like these to supplement, not replace my Christmas jumper collection.

I like scarves. Contrary to popular belief, one can never have too many scarves. Some of mine have gone missing in this summer’s move. These will need replacing. Burgundy, dark green, purple, dark pink etc. Patterned, foreign-looking ones. There is a nice shop in Tewks that has these. (Also, Gap has a lovely woolly burgundy one…)

Failing any of the above there is the option of theatre tickets. I would like to see Wicked, Avenue Q and anything else cheesy and/or racist. Nothing to beat a bit of cheesy racism.

I think that’s all. Any questions please let me know.
Please discuss any potential purchases with each other to avoid the issue of duplicate gifts.
Happy shopping!


The great thing is that she’ll probably never know this e-mail is online as she never, ever, reads my blog. (I love my sister…) I’m going to have a hunt for her 2005 missive, which was a total classic as she basically wanted (and still wants) a drum kit – each part of the kit was a different gift-buying opportunity.

I’m just waiting for the 2007 edition to turn up. When it does (I’m assuming it will, she’s only told me about one rather high-brow book that’s on her list so far), I’ll see if it’s worth posting.

And as for me? My problem is that I like surprises…but my family aren’t always that creative. However, a wish list in the form of a facebook note may be the way to go this year.

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