Construction and confection

Cake making is something I know a fair amount about. Not a lot. Not in comparison with Berry or Hollywood, but I have a reasonable grasp of the … [Read More...]

God is in the details

Past, present and future

Many of you will be aware that there has been a stoney silence as far as my post-Vicar School plans are concerned. While people may think that the … [Read More...]

Eiffel reflected

The light at the end of a 9 and a half hour journey

Yesterday, the crew from the 6th trip to Chateau Duffy returned from a week of fun, food and a lot of work. In a moment, I'm off to see how much of my … [Read More...]

Le Tour en Londres

Tour d’Angleterre

Given that I rarely attend live sporting events, it's somewhat unlikely that I would be present at two internationally renowned fixtures within a week … [Read More...]


Flicking through Flickr

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Hearing God’s Call

St George'sSt George's, 03/02/2013 listen onlineĀ | download ...listen

Light in the darkness

St George'sSt George's, 02/12/2012 listen online | download...listen


St George'sSt George's, 23/12/2012 listen online | download...listen