Whitby Abbey

Positive Church

One of my 'extra-curricular' activities (i.e. non MA work) is being a part of the Transformational Index team. I've had a loose association with the … [Read More...]

Collecting Lunch

Uganda, two years on…

This time two years ago, I was sitting in Entebbe airport, killing a lot of hours before a flight home to London. Thanks to Tearfund's media team, a … [Read More...]

Ollie's Story

Unseen stories

One of the mysteries of ministry is that we often don't know how the stories we encounter end. The people we pray for at a particular moment of their … [Read More...]



One of the criteria I like to apply to my present purchasing for family and friends is "is this something I would like to borrow in the future?". For … [Read More...]


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