Le Tour en Londres

Tour d’Angleterre

Given that I rarely attend live sporting events, it's somewhat unlikely that I would be present at two internationally renowned fixtures within a week … [Read More...]

Episcopal Pedicure

Permission granted to wear purple (should I aspire to)

I will never forget the evening of November 20th 2012. As I reflected on the morning of the 21st, I hadn't expected the failure of the women bishops' … [Read More...]

Turn off the switch

Something old and something new

I have two history degrees. I like old things. I particularly like the old things that reside in London.¬†And this is why I now have a reputation for … [Read More...]

Wittertainment tube

Friday Fun for sports fans in mourning

Disclaimer: this week's fun isn't necessarily sport related, it's just that I'm aware that fans of both football & tennis could do with some … [Read More...]


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Hearing God’s Call

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Light in the darkness

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