Wanstead Flats

From Bloomsbury to Newham

It's been three weeks since I moved out of my flat on the award winning Lambs Conduit Street. [Genuinely, my former street won a 'Great Street' award … [Read More...]

Parisian Locks

Accidentally opening cans of worms

As part of my general musing on social media and our behaviour there, I've come to the conclusion that it's generally not the place in which to have … [Read More...]


Construction and confection

Cake making is something I know a fair amount about. Not a lot. Not in comparison with Berry or Hollywood, but I have a reasonable grasp of the … [Read More...]

God is in the details

Past, present and future

Many of you will be aware that there has been a stoney silence as far as my post-Vicar School plans are concerned. While people may think that the … [Read More...]


Flicking through Flickr

Latest Sermons

Hearing God’s Call

St George'sSt George's, 03/02/2013 listen onlineĀ | download ...listen

Light in the darkness

St George'sSt George's, 02/12/2012 listen online | download...listen


St George'sSt George's, 23/12/2012 listen online | download...listen