Temple Station platform

Why I ♥ London Transport

Two weeks ago, I was in a job interview type scenario [incidentally, no news on that front - this particular exploration didn't work out] where I was … [Read More...]

Texas School Book Depository

The legacy of November 22nd

If you were alive at the time, it's accepted convention that you know exactly where you were on this date 51 years ago, when news broke that JFK had … [Read More...]

'Ikale Tahi

An evening amongst my fellow countrymen – and oddly shaped balls…

It's unusual for anyone who knows me even remotely well not to know the circumstances of my birth. Or, to be more specific, the location of my birth. … [Read More...]

British passport holders by countries of birth

Friday Fun with maps, stats & improv

The rain's pouring down outside and there are still 5 hours of the working week left to work. But fear not, there is fun! For a start, we have a … [Read More...]


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