Coalville Place

Hidden London: Bloomsbury & Fitzrovia

It's an odd experience when you follow a walk that includes both your street and your place of work. I suspect I hadn't got round to doing the … [Read More...]

Reivaulx Abbey

When is a retreat not a retreat?

When it's a pilgrimage that encompasses over 200 miles of travelling; includes three churches, one ruined Abbey and one minster; and eight separate … [Read More...]

April Musical Fun

Spontaneity versus planning

I'm of the opinion that one can be both a fan of the well planned, and inclined towards spontaneity. I like a good plan. I like to know where my … [Read More...]

The Truman Brewery

Hidden London: Spitalfields

Having re-discovered the joy of the Hidden London book while walking around the City, I have resolved to complete the ones that are easily accessible … [Read More...]


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Hearing God’s Call

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Light in the darkness

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