A Nice Cup of Tea

Queen Victoria

Oh the double-edged sword of the Guardian news alert. Sometimes helpful, sometimes intriguing [recently a night out dancing was enhanced by "Iain … [Read More...]


Love Twitter? I do.

A week ago, I sat in the bar at the BFI having drinks with three other women, only one of whom I'd met in the flesh before. But she, and another at … [Read More...]

Matchy Matchy

Discovering your family’s twin…

It's not uncommon to discover that those with whom you become friends in later life have had an upbringing similar to your own - like attracts like … [Read More...]

Inuit Nativity

The First Nowell

There ought to be a badge for curates that declares: "I survived my first ordained Christmas!" - such is the achievement of getting through one's very … [Read More...]


Flicking through Flickr