No Foodbank Today

A Political Post Mortem

I blame 1997. For those of us whose first experience of political engagement was the biggest landslide victory of post-war Britain, every election … [Read More...]

Facebook Art

Tweeting Up

This evening, for the second time this year, I'm speaking on one of my favourite subjects: why the church/Christians ought to take social media … [Read More...]


Biscuits of history

As I write, I'm munching on a tasty, oatey, coconutty biscuit. Reminiscent of a HobNob, but with a Pacific flavour, the delicacy in question is the … [Read More...]

The Restorative Economy

Ordinary heroes effecting extraordinary change

Climate change is a massive deal. It's so massive, it's pretty difficult to know what - if anything - little ol' me can do about it. I'm not an oil … [Read More...]


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