Monument escalator

The treasure behind the chicken wire

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a friend entitled: "Embankment Station - Eastbound Platform" - an intriguing subject for an email, I … [Read More...]

Highlands 1983

Let me count the ways…

Scotland, I don't want you to go! I realise that I may not have expressed my love adequately in recent years (you have been unvisited since 2010 and … [Read More...]


The quirks of regional programming

[Another brilliant example of my ability to completely forget to publish something, even though it's finished. Pretend this was published a week ago, … [Read More...]

Exhib artwork.indd

Friday fun for the season of new starts

It's the first Friday in September. Not the cheeriest of days, but a day for many to celebrate simply because it means that they've got through the … [Read More...]


Flicking through Flickr