Baker St Tiles

On tiles and fake houses

This text conversation took place on a Friday night, just over a week ago. It caused great excitement, much to the consternation of my companion at … [Read More...]

1920 Tube Map

Getting back to the fun

I've been very lax on the fun front of late. I still note the fun, it's just that these posts are probably the most finickety to compile and take … [Read More...]

Universal Screening

Communing with film

One of the things in life I wish I did more of (of which there are several!), is watch films at the cinema. Going alone, in the middle of the day, … [Read More...]

2014 Firsts

2014 Firsts

Had a wisdom tooth removed [Possibly the best way to begin a year, ever!] Baked bread from scratch Eaten at Five Guys Visited Wendover Watched … [Read More...]


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