Comfort Station Necklace

Divinely ordained present giving

For those in the church, we are rapidly heading towards the season in which hundreds of people are ordained into the ministry. In the Church of … [Read More...]

A Nice Cup of Tea

Queen Victoria

Oh the double-edged sword of the Guardian news alert. Sometimes helpful, sometimes intriguing [recently a night out dancing was enhanced by "Iain … [Read More...]


Love Twitter? I do.

A week ago, I sat in the bar at the BFI having drinks with three other women, only one of whom I'd met in the flesh before. But she, and another at … [Read More...]

Matchy Matchy

Discovering your family’s twin…

It's not uncommon to discover that those with whom you become friends in later life have had an upbringing similar to your own - like attracts like … [Read More...]


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