Biscuits of history

As I write, I'm munching on a tasty, oatey, coconutty biscuit. Reminiscent of a HobNob, but with a Pacific flavour, the delicacy in question is the … [Read More...]

The Restorative Economy

Ordinary heroes effecting extraordinary change

Climate change is a massive deal. It's so massive, it's pretty difficult to know what - if anything - little ol' me can do about it. I'm not an oil … [Read More...]

Chateau Duffy end of the trip

Septic spanking

It was a happy day, nearly a year ago, when a crew of innuendo loving Brits & Americans discovered that the French acronym for the approval … [Read More...]

Shaun Hunting

A flock of sheep across the capital

My friends and I have gained something of a reputation for a certain activity in recent years. (Actually, I think we have a number of them!) We are … [Read More...]


Flicking through Flickr