Sinking Ship Recruiting Now

Discussing the sinking ship…

That post the other day with the text of my piece that had gone missing from Threads? Turns out it had been pulled - temporarily - and when it … [Read More...]

Looking out at St Paul's, 2010

Boarding the sinking ship

This morning, an article with the above title went up on Threads - but for some reason it's currently not available. It was a response to another … [Read More...]

The Moment of Ordination

Born on the 4th of July

(I drafted this nearly 3 weeks ago - all it was lacking was photos. My life is so consumed by the new curacy & my still-to-be finished Masters … [Read More...]

Hucklebuck Cards

All I did was send in an email…

At some point over a year ago, I had an idea of something I would do to commemorate my final day at theological college. Then it turned out that I was … [Read More...]


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