The strange world of Chateau Duffy

This depiction of Chateau Duffy in chalk graced the men's toilets at Ian McKellan's pub last summer. (No, I did not take the photo myself...) [Credit: … [Read More...]

Farewell to Belfast

Next month, almost 13 years to the day that my parents moved their lives across the Irish Sea, they will return to the island of their birth. For the … [Read More...]

The eucatastrophe of the resurrection

Luke 24:13-35 The eucatastrophe of the resurrection Christ Church Highbury, April 30th 2017 This reading is, I believe, a resurrection … [Read More...]

What we measure controls us

Luke 19:1-9, Christ Church Highbury 12th March 2017 (Third in the Lent series based on Archbishop Justin Welby's 'Dethroning … [Read More...]

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