Houston blue skies

Falling in the South

As of yesterday (or rather, the day before yesterday as it's currently 5am UK time...) I'm in Texas for 2 weeks of work, rest and play. It's a little … [Read More...]

1959 Tube Map

The joy of detective work

I've said it before and no doubt I'll say it again: it pays to be public about your tube geekery. Only weeks ago it resulted in the delights of the … [Read More...]

Bake Off 2014

Lessons we’ve learned from GBBO 2014

Tonight it ends. We'll be left with another 10 month gap in competitive baking scheduling. (Aside from that all too brief week in January when … [Read More...]

Big Cottage Jumping

A big risk in a big cottage

The 'friends go away together for the weekend' is a well-worn trope in the worlds of literature and film. There's something about the setting of a … [Read More...]


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