The curse of Hot Priest

Last month, the Guardian published an article entitled “Is this the cultural moment of the hot priest?" In the words of its author, "when I thought … [Read More...]

What Dobby the House Elf can teach us about John 15:9-17…

…or, how JK Rowling convinced me to have confidence in the angle I wanted to take on this passage. Usually, if I upload the text of a sermon here, … [Read More...]

Where recognition takes place…

Luke 24:13-35 The Road to Emmaus Christ Church Highbury, April 15th 2018 The story of the Road to Emmaus is probably my second favourite … [Read More...]

The mystery of everything

The Mystery of Everything & The Magic of Stuff’ – Genesis 1:1-14 Christ Church Highbury, February 18th 2018 [Each year, Christ Church chooses a … [Read More...]

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